Most experienced industrial and commercial scale company in the Southeastern United States.

Our mission is to provide and maintain timely, efficient, critical weight information for our customers while providing the best customer service through our highly skilled technical staff.

Providing exceptional quality and customer service.

Advanced Scale Company, LLC is a reputable and reliable company well versed in providing scales and precision calibration products and services.

We distribute and service equipment from some of the largest industrial scale manufacturers in the world. After many years in the industry, we don’t just sell equipment. Our group has the technical expertise to assist in planning and integrating weighing systems successfully into your business. Our highly trained staff also maintains your systems on an ongoing basis to ensure that your equipment meets all required standards.


For mobility and convenience, bench scales offer ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Rice Lake’s diverse bench scale selection offer a product for almost any conceivable capacity or requirement.


Checkweighers are designed to add efficiency to manufacturing, sorting and food-processing applications. Product weight is checked to be within a range or target. Rice Lakes offers checkweighers for many applications, enviroments and processes.


Counting scales are an essential tool for counting high volumes of identical parts. Rice Lake has a selection of reliable and user-friendly devices you can count on for your specific application.

We have your exact solutions.

We’re a full service team of technicians equipped with over 120 years of experience.

We provide quality assurance for our customers throughout our device area and service can be tailored for each customer’s specifications. Additionally, we offer maintenance agreements and calibration services, as well as rental scales for all your weighing needs.


Scales Serviced by ASC Include:

We offer traceable certification and are licensed and insured in the following states:

Georgia License Number 235
Alabama License Numbers 500644, 500646, 500648
Florida License Number 486

MSHA Certification #B5526
US DOT Number 2589257
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