Advanced Scale Company, LLC (ASC) is one of the largest, most experienced industrial and commercial scale companies in the Southeastern United States. Through our branch operations in Leesburg and Valdosta, Georgia offices, we provide expert scales and service support for a wide range of weighing applications. Our mission is to provide and maintain timely, efficient, critical weight information for our customers while providing the best customer service through our highly skilled technical staff.

Thomas “Tommy” Warren

35 Years of Experience

Thomas “Tommy” Warren started in the scale industry thirty-five years ago in the summer of 1979. He was hired as a scale technician for one of the largest independent scale companies in South Georgia. He has attended scale schools for Cardinal, Fairbanks and Rice Lake. Tommy moved to Dallas, Texas in 1981 to work for Cardinal Scale Company for two years and then moved to Albany, Georgia to work for an independent scale company. Tommy’s specialties consist of heavy capacity scales such as: railroad track scale, motor truck scales, livestock, monorail scales, batch plants and feed mills. He is trained to work on lab balances up to a large railroad track scale. Tommy has been married for twenty-nine years, has four children and is an avid Georgia Bulldog Fan. His hobbies include landscaping, watching sports and spending time with his family.

Danny Waller

25 Years of Experience

Danny Waller (aka “The Scale Man”) has worked as a resident scale technician in the North Florida and South Georgia area for the last twenty-five years. Prior experience also included welding and fabrication. He has factory training in scale electronics, mechanical scale repair, truck scale installation, and customer relations for sales and service. He has many years of experience in repairing scale brands from Cardinal, Fairbanks, Toledo, Rice Lake, Emery Winslow, GSE, & Weigh-Tronix. His experience has included many major jobs including the oversight and installation of a hydraulic load cell conversion for a major chemical processing plant which had to be completed on a short shut-down. He loves working with customers to assess and fill their scale needs as well. He takes great pride in finding solutions for complex weighing requirements. He is licensed in Florida and Georgia for all scale certification, installation and repair.

DannyA_CXDanny Anglin

24 Years of Experience

Danny Anglin graduated from Albany Technical College in 1992 and began his scale career with Mettler Toledo. He has worked as a resident Field Service Representative for the last 24 years. Danny Is ISO17025 accredited and was responsible for South Georgia and North Florida territories in addition to handling ISO calibrations. Danny is qualified as a Retail Installation Coordinator for several major grocery store chains. He is experienced in sales, installation, calibration and repairs of all makes and models of scales -  from lab balances to railroad track scales. Danny is married and has two children - Josh 25 and Joseph 18, and enjoys boating and fishing in his spare time.

Jonathan Clark

10 Years of Experience

Jonathan Clark started the scale industry ten years ago after finishing his degree in Industrial Mechanics, Technology and Controls. He was hired as a scale technician for one of the largest independent scale companies in South Georgia. Jonathan’s specialties include heavy capacity scales such as railroad, motor truck scale, livestock scales, monorail scales and batch scales. Other specialties include filling systems in chicken plants, pecan and peanut warehouses, lab balances, bench scales, temperature and humidity machines and all mechanical scales.  Jonathan has ten years’ experience working with some of the largest scale manufacturers including Toledo, Fairbanks, Rice Lake Weighing, Weigh-Tronix (GSE) and cat bagging systems. Also known as Johnny or John, he has been married for seven years, has a daughter and twin boys. He is an avid hunter and other hobbies include fishing and spending time with his family.

Donald White

3 Years of Experience

Donald White began his career in the scale industry three years ago after graduating from Albany Tech with certifications in Industrial Maintenance, Commercial and Residential Wiring, Conduit Bending, and PLC programming. Other training also includes HVAC.  Upon graduating school, he worked with ADM as a Maintenance Supervisor before starting a position with an independent scale company. During the past three years, he has enjoyed the interaction with customers and the opportunity to build his client base. He has worked on all types of scales including truck scales, floor scales, bench scales, livestock scales, lab balances and all mechanical scales. He also works with metal detection devices in food processing plants to check for foreign objects before packaging of product. When not at work, he enjoys going to his children’s sporting events, golfing, hunting and fishing. He has been married for fifteen years and has 3 great children.

Chandler Davis

1 Year of Experience

Chandler Davis started in the scale industry only a short time ago, but has already proven himself to be a valuable asset to the team. Previously, he graduated from Lee County High School in 2012 and began working in the service industry including a background in electrical and troubleshooting. He has a 2 ½ year old son and a daughter due in September of 2017.  When he’s not working, Chandler enjoys spending time with his son, hunting, fishing and golfing.

Bryan Stewart

21 Years of Experience

Bryan Stewart is Advanced Scale Co.’s service/sales technician. He has a degree in electronics and more than twenty-one years of experience in the scale industry. His knowledge includes certifications on numerous scale systems and many years as a recipient of numerous safety awards. He is licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. He is qualified to service Rice Lake, Mettler Toledo, Cardinal, Weigh-Tronix, Fairbanks, GSE, Emery Winslow, and many others. Bryan is married with two children and enjoys golfing and fishing.

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